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No New Ideas Needed


A McDonald’s in Norway
Picture credit: Ken


It all started out innocently enough.

I was going through my email this morning and saw a new petition for McDonald’s.

This particular petition was about something that I personally have been nagging them about for years, or every single time that I went there, which by the way, in the past few years has been less and less.

I do not like meat or hamburgers and have repeatedly suggested to them that they might want to consider making some sort of meatless or veggie burger, as several of their competitors have already done.

Even better, to introduce a few Organic items!

Each and every time I was met with the same blank stare and ” ok, we will suggest it…”

In California, we who don’t like meat are not a minority, we are a strong group with many voices in high places, like the countless celebrities who also choose not to eat animals and love Organic Foods.

This petition was written by a woman in California who was asking a huge company, which at the present time is all over the news for its financial woes, to consider making a meatless burger.

The Company is cutting their Dollar meals, shuffling their vast menu, and has had a somewhat dismal showing for the past two years, many say.

They have had issues with China and meat and a variety of other embarrassing issues.

None has been very good for their image.

So, I was delighted to go and see this new petition and to absolutely sign it and support it.

However, when I got there, it seems that the desired numbers had already been reached.

Well, that’s very good news and there was also a letter from the author with suggestions for other things to do in support of the Petition and all the necessary details were included in it.

As I don’t do Twitter and wanted to go beyond just posting it on my FB page,  I  then, as suggested, called the company directly.

What happened next is the honest truth, you cannot make this stuff up.

I dialed the number, it rang and a pleasant computer asked me to make a choice of directions to be transferred to next.

I listened to all of the different choices and finally selected  ” suggest new ideas.”

This is the response, or answer that the computer gave me, I swear on my beloved Grandmother.

” I’m sorry, but McDonald’s does not accept any new ideas from anyone who does not work for the company.”

End quote!

Umm,  McDonald’s, I think I see the problem and why your sales and profits may be going down the proverbial drain.

You obviously do not listen, nor care what your customers think.

And you don’t want any ” new ideas “  from those who just happen to pay your salaries.


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  1. Reblogged this on sachemspeaks and commented:
    Two big for their britches!:-)

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  2. We need more healthy whole-food fast food restaurants but it is up to the public to stop buying junk food to make way for newer ideas, that hasn’t happened yet. Eve

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  3. Absolutely agree.
    We have a very good place in Gainesville, where all of my recent surgeries have been, called Burger Fi, they make Organic Veggie burgers and much more.


  4. Amber Danette said:

    Healthy,wholesome food. We certainly need more establishments whom sell this kind of food.

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  5. Right… and the employee suggestion box at McDonald’s is probably a paper shredder. 😉

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  6. henrylib said:

    In 1974, a friend invited me to join their Yoga and Meditation classes. At that time, you need to be a practicing vegetarian to be accepted, so I did. For a year or two I was a faithful vegan but went on and off until today. But thanks to Y & M influences on my life because I avoided eating red meat and focused on chicken meat, fruits, vegetables, pomegranate and grape juice, steamed broccoli and boiled sweet potato and banana. Recently, I was hospitalized and diagnosed with prostitis. While all exam, i.e. x-ray, scans, blood works, etc., yielded negative results my doctor insisted on doing a blood works after 3 months to check on my PSA level, the normal of which, is 4.0. For the next 3 months, I strengthened by vegetarian diets, drank pomegranate juice like water, and eat plenty of broccoli twice a day. When my bloodwork was done, my doctor was surprised to see that it was ok and my PSA level was 1.4, which is very surprisingly at my age, he said. I do not want to thank my lucky stars, but my determination to believe in the powers of organic food to heal our bodies, and keep us away from ailments. Reinventing our bodies is highly possible if we want it, do it. I stay away from McDonalds and all others that will cause me regrets someday. I concocted what I call the three musketeers – “alogbati” which can be replaced by spinach, “saluyot” which can be replaced by okra, and “malunggay” which can be replaced by the leaves of pepper. These can cleanse the colon and prevent colon cancer. For my vital organs I nourish them with lots of fruits rich in antioxidants life grapes with seeds, orange which seeds and the white skin (I eat them too) and others.

    The organs of our body need nutrients that they can get from green and yellow fruits and vegetables and sea foods too. This is what I do…just sharing…have a nice day…Gator Woman and thank you for following earthniversity.

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